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Journey's End Maple Farm Services

"Quality in Everything We Do"

Journeys End Maple Farm has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. Whether you need to stop by to grab a quart of syrup, to ship a gift basket to a family member out west, 200 glass bottles for a conference or need wedding favors, we can and will do everything we can to help you out. We offer wholesale pricing to restaurants, stores and gift shops who carry our syrup as well as bulk discounts for local bakers using our syrup and maple sugar for their products. We ship 20 - 30 gallons plus a month down to the Boston area restaurants who use our syrup for breakfasts, as well as our sugar crumbles on fancy high end desserts. You just never know when you might be pouring our syrup on your pancakes when you are out to breakfast! Whatever you need, we strive to make our customers happy. 



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