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We get asked all the time how to use maple sugar! We say anyway you would use regular white sugar! In recipes or so perfect in your coffee or in your oatmeal, add a little or add a lot, it's sure to sweeten it up!


Moose, tractors, maple leaves, stars, hearts and smiley faces as well as themed shapes during holiday seasons.


Simple and delicious. Popcorn coated with sweet maple syrup and just enough salt to bring out the sweetness. Nothing else.  Pure and simple the way we like it. 


Melt in your mouth sweetness! We make our candies in all shapes and sizes from moose to maple leaves and the State of NH. Come holiday time we stock thanksgiving themed shapes and Christmas brings out the Santa, stockings and Christmas tree molds. 


Also known as Maple Butter although it contains nothing but maple syrup that is put through a process that adds air and creams the syrup to a golden, creamy, heavenly dream! Serve on toast, English muffins, biscuits, ice cream or do our favorite thing and eat it straight out of the container with a spoon!